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    The Future of Email is Interactive

    752 470 Charlene Hixon

    It’s been 46 years since Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email. The history of email itself is a fascinating evolution, and the progress in email marketing, especially of late, has been exponential. As a CRM + database marketing expert at Smart Panda Labs, it’s my job to keep up with these rapid changes. With that goal in mind, earlier this month I attended the Experian Marketing Services Client Summit in Las Vegas, themed “Rev’17” (Revive, Reveal, Revolutionize). This was my first…

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    Small Step For Conversion, Giant Leap For UX

    1024 576 admin

    This is not our first public display of affection for testing—we love tests, and we love to talk about them. In a previous post, for example, Shamir Duverseau shared three ways a testing and optimization program can help you increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer loyalty. We’ve also shared a compelling testing case study on Optimizely’s blog, and theorized how a mobile app test might have saved Netflix considerable headache. Now, it’s my turn. As a specialist in user…

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    Email, We’re Gonna Party Like it’s Our Birthday

    1024 594 Alex Corzo

    I’ll come right out and say it—today is my birthday. Send the cake and presents this way! If you need more reason to celebrate, I recently discovered that I share my birth month with another mover and shaker. Last week email turned 46—older than the Internet itself—and it’s still looking great. In fact, of all the digital marketing channels, including search engine marketing and social media, email marketing remains the no. 1 driver of revenue and conversions. According to a…

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    Make an SEM Audit Part of Your 2017 Goals

    1024 587 Lisa Martino

    As a Google Premier Partner, Smart Panda Labs is often asked to play the role of a third party auditor. This means conducting a thorough review of a company’s existing PPC accounts. The impetus for an audit varies from client to client—sometimes they want insight on how well their marketing team (or agency) is doing. Other times it’s to ensure that changes were implemented correctly and are delivering ROI. While the word “audit” can provoke anxiety, audits are generally a good…

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    3 Ways to Get More from A/B Testing

    1024 512 Shamir Duverseau

    3 ways to maximize the value of your a/b testing platform “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” That was the overwhelming thought that went through my head the first time I was introduced to A/B testing almost a decade ago. Now, 10 years later, I am still in awe of the number of organizations that have yet to implement an optimization program. From the local florist, to the Fortune 100 company, everyone’s goals are fundamentally the same, to increase revenue, to…

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    3 Tag Management Systems to Make Your Life Easier

    1024 577 admin

    three tag management systems that will make your life easier Tags—can’t live with them, can’t live without them. That’s what I hear from a lot of marketers, who love the customer behavior insights that tags provide but loathe the tedious upkeep they require. Those little snippets of JavaScript code that enable third-party tracking, analysis and reporting sound simple enough, but a website might have loads of different tags that each do different things: tags for site traffic analytics, tags for…

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    5 Ways Improv Made Me a Better Business Partner

    1024 576 Lisa Edwards

    As a kid, I could always be found singing, dancing or just being silly. The silliness blossomed into a love of acting and, in particular, making people laugh. I attended a wonderful performing arts high school where I was fortunate enough to study all aspects of theater under the tutelage of some amazing teachers. One stand-out class for me was improvisational theater, or improv. Our teacher was wacky, cool and downright hysterical, and I loved the freedom we had to…

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    Trick and Treat — The State of Digital on the 2016 Campaign Trail

    1024 576 Tu Nguyen-Brown

    Whether you’re trick-or-treating as Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump today, you’re probably as happy as I am that the 2016 presidential election cycle is finally drawing to a close. While much of this contentious and bizarre campaign season seems anything but sophisticated, it is in fact the most technologically advanced election in history. As’s Paul Gossinger notes in a recent article, most of the technological effort has focused on two factors: vastly increasing new registered voter turnout and microanalysis pinpoint targeting…

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    Google, Empire of the Internet Age, Turns 18

    1024 576 admin

    It’s hard to recall what life was like before Google. At least that’s what I hear—my generation essentially grew up with it. But I’ve been told stories of what searching the Internet was like before the days of page rank, and how people dialed in using software downloaded off AOL CDs (now collectibles) mailed to their door. The search engine has since become a staple in the daily lives of Internet users around the world—maybe sometimes for the worse, but…

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