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How to Modernize Your Marketing Legacy Systems: Evaluating & Adopting Your Tech Stack

person Shamir Duverseau

digital experience marketing technology
Your marketing technology stack empowers your team to do great work. Generating impressive results not only becomes efficient, but enjoyable when the right tools are in place. But for many organizations, their existing martech stack is more of a hindrance. Old-school technologies that have fallen behind get in the way, preventing great marketing talent from . . .

A/B Testing: Experiments to Optimize Digital Customer Experiences

person Shamir Duverseau

a/b testing digital experience optimization
The pandemic has brought us to a key junction between culture, technology and economic complications. With the rapidly evolving digital economy, we were already barreling to this point, but COVID-19 created a need to standardize and scale digital-first service and communications immediately. With so much changing every day in this pandemic, being flexible has become . . .

How Mature is Your Digital Experience?

person Shamir Duverseau

analytics consumer insights customer intelligence digital experience Featured lean thinking
According to MIT Sloan Management Review, "digital maturity goes beyond technology … it’s about how businesses are adapting in a digital environment.” Organizations must strive to make digital core to their business—in all areas of their business—in order to succeed. As a marketing leader you have a key question to answer: Are you fundamentally adapting your customer experience to compete effectively in the digital era?