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A/B Testing: Experiments to Optimize Digital Customer Experiences

person Shamir Duverseau

a/b testing digital experience optimization
The pandemic has brought us to a key junction between culture, technology and economic complications. With the rapidly evolving digital economy, we were already barreling to this point, but COVID-19 created a need to standardize and scale digital-first service and communications immediately. With so much changing every day in this pandemic, being flexible has become . . .

How Mature is Your Digital Experience?

person Shamir Duverseau

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According to MIT Sloan Management Review, "digital maturity goes beyond technology … it’s about how businesses are adapting in a digital environment.” Organizations must strive to make digital core to their business—in all areas of their business—in order to succeed. As a marketing leader you have a key question to answer: Are you fundamentally adapting your customer experience to compete effectively in the digital era?

Humanize Data with Creative Intelligence

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The power of data can be used to fuel the customer journey from awareness to purchase to loyalty and evangelism. But data science is not all science. It's also an art. Extracting valuable customer intelligence requires creative intelligence, a process that applies meaning and understanding to existing data. By empathizing with customers making a considered purchase, businesses can draw more insightful conclusions about their data and make decisions that take the human element into account.

Maximize Data with Lean Thinking

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Build. Measure. Learn. Those three words are at the core of Lean methodology, a way of doing business that incorporates elements from Six Sigma, agile development, design thinking, and other sources. Lean’s continuous improvement cycle enables companies to make meaningful progress by getting the best use of customer data and intelligence. And, when it comes to the digital experience, Lean thinking can be a tool of immeasurable power. This methodology—and its build, measure, and learn approach—is now at the heart of how we at Smart Panda Labs are helping our clients drive customer lifetime value.

Choose Your Partner through Diagnosis & Design

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There are hundreds if not thousands of agencies and consulting firms that specialize in digital marketing, strategy, and technology and further specialize in a particular market segment. But if you are seeking a partner to support your digital efforts, finding one that simply focuses on your target market isn’t enough. To find the right help at the right time, you need a process that is not simply focused on specialties, personalities or price—although those are factors—but on discovery, diagnosis, and design.