Case Studies

Results rooted in statistics. And, bamboo.

    Success Stories That Start With Data

    From email marketing for a hotel to a new website for a construction company, every project we touch gets the same attention to detail and data. Our scientific method means that each recommendation we make is backed by research, with the goal of delivering a growing return on your digital investments.

    Go Big or Go Home—Making the Case for Digital Outsourcing

    Some digital strategies need tweaking. Others need total transformation. Instead of improving one room of the house at a time, could a gut remodeling of your strategies and techniques deliver significant ROI? For The Related Companies, the answer was YES. Learn how a comprehensive digital strategy for this client increased total conversions by 57% (and conversions per visit by 124%), garnered email open rates of 60%, and drove a 177% increase in mobile traffic.

    Simple A/B Tests—with Big Rewards

    You’ve got a great product, an attractive website, an aggressive digital marketing strategy and a team of marketers pounding the digital pavement. But how do you know whether your efforts are maximizing ROI or leaving value behind? What if the smallest change to your website or landing pages could increase your revenue by 10, 30 or even 50%? Here’s how a testing trial for one skeptical client resulted in optimizations that would drive more than $1M in incremental revenue.

    Email—The Healthcare Marketing Cure-All

    While healthcare is not known to be at the leading edge of digital marketing strategies, reaching today’s tech-savvy patients and physicians requires smart digital marketing platforms and a personalized communications strategy. Email marketing gets the job done. Smart panda labs brought email best practices and leading edge digital strategies to UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health, beating industry standards for open, click-through and click-to-open rates.

    B2B Paid Search Success: More Leads, at a Better Value

    It’s a story we hear often—a paid search campaign is not driving enough leads, and the leads it does bring come at too high a cost. While pay-per-click campaigns can be very efficient and controllable, there is both an art and a science to truly effective and efficient search marketing campaigns. Learn how we helped LoJack Corporation right their PPC ship, experience a 58.9 percent increase in conversions, and promote their newest product.

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    Getting More from Adobe Analytics

    Implementing a robust tool like Adobe Analytics (formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst) without taking full advantage of its prowess is like … owning a space shuttle and never taking it out of earth’s atmosphere. Here’s how smart panda labs helped Viceroy Hotels and Resorts take better advantage of this powerful platform and increase data by 130%.

    Transforming a B2C PPC Strategy for Big Payoffs

    Luxury real estate rentals are not the same thing as used boats. But when a digital strategy is in disarray, a keyword search for one can erroneously lead to the other. Here’s how we helped The Related Companies reboot their pay-per-click strategy to boost their lead generation and ensure outstanding ROI—including increasing click-through rates as much 803 percent.

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    Search and Email Marketing in a Multi-Channel World

    Sometimes it seems like there are endless tactics to explore—and to budget for—so it’s easy to be skeptical. Will my ads work? Will users take the time to complete an online form? Will I be able to measure the results? When will I see the payoff? Our success story with UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health is proof that a well-executed and coordinated marketing effort can have impressive results. For this client, that meant more than $1.3M in revenue in less than eight months.

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    The Method

    No matter the size of your organization or the industry you’re in, you need a thoughtful, scientific approach to digital strategy.

    Our smart pandas are comfortable working with a variety of client types, because each one of us has been a client ourselves, working for companies like Marriott International, Southwest Airlines, NBC Universal and even in the public sector. We know what it means to want a measurable return on investment. We look forward to working with you to meet the particular goals of your business.