Case Studies

The proof is in the data.

See how we’ve helped our clients reach their online potential.

A Meaningful Look at the Journey

How can even a fundamental understanding of your customer’s journey lead to meaningful insights? And how can those insights be translated into measurable results? See how an engagement with considered higher education purchase led to improvements across multiple touchpoints.


  • Increased registration conversion rate by 67%
  • Decreased CPA by 54%
  • Increased new participant account creation rate by 28%
  • Increased email CTR by 21%


How can you meet the challenge posed by competitors with a superior digital experience? And how can you do so in a way that drives measurable results to the bottom line? See how an engagement with a large vacation rental organization led to improvements in key business metrics like cash flow and gross profit.


  • Added $8 million in incremental annual revenue
  • Increased revenue per visitor by more than 5%
  • Increased revenue per mobile visit by 11%
  • Decreased proposed operational costs through data-driven prioritization

Email That Beats the Odds

Reaching today’s tech-savvy patients and physicians requires a smart digital strategy. Read how leading edge digital strategies helped UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health beat industry standards for open and click-through rates.


  • Delivery rates greater than 97%
  • Open rates 35.84% higher than industry average
  • Click-through rates 138% higher than industry average
  • Unsubscribe rate consistently under 0.1%

Making the Case for Digital Outsourcing

Our consulting services for Related covered the entire customer journey, from search engine marketing and conversion rate optimization to customer intelligence and marketing technology support.


  • Increased total conversion by 57%
  • Increased conversions per visit by 124%
  • Email open rates of 60%
  • 177% increase in mobile traffic

Simple A/B Tests - With Big Rewards

How do you know whether your efforts are maximizing ROI or leaving value behind? Here’s a little story about a simple A/B testing trial that led to more than $1M in incremental revenue.


  • Button test: Increased room reservations by $30,000 per month
  • Link test: Led to ~ $300,000 in incremental revenue over 12 months
  • Landing page test: Achieved a 32% increase in conversions and $600,000 in incremental revenue over 12 months
  • Special offer test: Drove an incremental $100,000 in revenue across a 12-month period

Successful Marketing in a Multi-Channel World

UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health needed to increase nationwide awareness of an innovative lymphedema treatment. Read how we helped them achieve their goal with a targeted multi-channel campaign.


  • The plastic and reconstructive surgery practice reached full capacity in less than eight months
  • 1 in 4 consultations have been from out of state