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UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health provides cancer care in Florida, specializing in post-cancer reconstructive and restorative surgeries. The group is the first in the state, and among a handful nationwide, to offer a surgical treatment for lymphedema, an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid just beneath the skin in the limbs or chest that affects many breast cancer survivors. The innovative treatment, called a vascularized lymph node transfer (or VLNT), minimizes or completely eliminates the symptoms of this condition.

While relatively new, VLNT is not proprietary to Orlando Health. The cancer center wanted to establish their predominant lymphedema surgical practice in the area before other hospital systems added this capability. Their marketing challenge was to increase awareness of the procedure among a highly targeted audience of lymphedema sufferers—most of which have no idea a treatment even exists— simultaneously leading them down the pathway towards becoming a patient.

We began working with the client and their team in the spring, preparing for a fall launch of the marketing campaign. At the heart of this campaign was a lead acquisition strategy for which a variety of digital campaign assets were developed, including a downloadable condition guide and a surgery overview video. Smart Panda Labs focused on landing pages, emails and paid search efforts, with the primary goal of lead initiation.


Our pandas got to work constructing a pay-per-click strategy that would help UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health provide educational content about the condition, create awareness of the new treatment and drive appointment requests.

Elements of this strategy included:

  • Researching paid search keywords.
  • Writing ad copy for a pay-per-click campaign. Multiple unique ads ran simultaneously, each related to a different set of keywords. Our pandas bid on as many as 477 keywords at any given time.
  • Creating a landing page that would host the downloadable condition guide and offer opportunities to speak with someone and/or complete a short form to request an appointment.
  • Designing emails related to the paid search efforts, including automated campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that would maintain communication with potential patients who had provided contact information but not yet completed an appointment request.
  • Testing the ads and different versions of the landing page, while making ongoing improvements.


The results of the PPC campaign were immediately encouraging. During the first month of launch, PPC ads were served up on search results pages more than 70,000 times (impressions), garnering 1,500 clicks and 217 conversions (forms completed) in the first three weeks. Over the next eight months, the campaign generated:


Ad Impressions


Total Clicks


Cost per Acquisition (CPA)


Cost per Click (CPC)

The plastic and reconstructive surgery practice at UF Health Cancer Center is currently booked for lymphedema consultations for many months to come. One in four consultations have been from out of state, and the practice has seen patients from 29 different states so far. This is a strong testament to the effectiveness of digital marketing and a targeted, multi-channel campaign.

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