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The Customer Journey Optimization Process: Tips, Steps, and Strategies

person Shamir Duverseau

Customer Experience
Customer journey optimization is designed to help you capture more leads, maximize revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. To get it right, you need to optimize every touchpoint along the customer journey, from awareness to purchase through to advocacy. This is no easy feat, given the digital customer journey is no longer “linear”—touchpoints are everywhere (websites, . . .

Why Marketing Experimentation is Crucial for Digital Transformation (Examples + Results)

person Shamir Duverseau

A/B Testing and CRO
Experimentation in every industry is critical for development. Items we use every day have iterated to where they are now thanks to experimentation: the car, the computer, the smartphone, and more.  Experimentation in marketing is no different. Simply put, marketing experimentation tests data-led ideas to see whether they affect a variable, such as product usage, . . .