The lab journal for some smart pandas.

    The More Things Change…

    1000 610 Shamir Duverseau

    With all the advancements in technology we see occurring almost every day, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the people using the technology don’t change quite as quickly.  When all is said and done, people do what they always do.  They simply try their best to find a way to make the tools provided to them fit what they’re most used to.  So, it stands to reason, the more the tools you provide them force them to change, the more…

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    do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth

    Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

    1000 600 admin

    MIA: In a conversation, do you listen or wait to talk? VINCENT: (pauses, thinking deeply) I wait to talk — but I’m trying to listen. Pulp Fiction (1994 – Deleted Scene) How well do you listen?  To others?  Your friends?  Your family? Your customers?  Your Co-workers?  The world around you?  To yourself? Listening is a sense to which we often times give very little focus.  However, it’s one of the big five or six depeding on your view of the world around…

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    if you’re going to do it

    If You’re Going to Do It, Just Do It Like This

    1000 668 Shamir Duverseau

    Over the years, Nike has always done a solid job of marketing sports by focusing on the aspirational as opposed to the practical. One of the best examples of this is what is known as their Move commercial, which I believe is from the 2002 Olympics. The commercial has no dialogue or, any spoken words at all for that matter.  It easily features a dozen people, with maybe 3 or so that one would consider recognizable/famous (and one of those…

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    success event participation in Adobe SiteCatalyst

    Success Event Participation in Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst)

    1000 600 Jessica Porges

    First and foremost, what does enabling participation on a success event mean? Let’s say the main objective of your website is to drive leads; therefore, you have a success event to track form completions. To understand the effectiveness of your form, you likely run a report to measure form completions by calculating: Form Completions / Form Views This is fantastic – you now know how well your form converts to leads. But this is really only half of the equation…

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    the wisdom of one herbert hoover. who knewArtboard 1

    The Wisdom of One Herbert Hoover. Who Knew?

    1000 600 Shamir Duverseau

    I heard that Herbert Hoover once said, “the only problem with Capitalism is Capitalists.” It’s a bit scary how much sense that makes to me, but when I consider my career in the world that is Corporate America, it’s not so scary anymore. Maybe a bit more like sad. That all being said, this is why I love the web, and, more specifically, web analytics. It’s not about greed or opinion or ignorance.  It’s about information in its simplest, unadulterated…

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    you don’t know what you don’t know

    You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    1000 668 Shamir Duverseau

    One of the fundamental truths in life is that no matter how many years you go school, no matter what school you attend, and no matter how many letters you end up having before and/or behind your name, you only know what you know. Now, I realize this isn’t exactly an existential revelation or anything, but it does remind us all that sometimes we don’t know what to do simply because we don’t know we can. Ironically, I came to…

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    oh how quickly things can change Artboard 1

    Oh How Quickly Things Can Change!

    1000 668 Shamir Duverseau

    Have you ever thought about when you get emails from other companies? Me neither, but then a friend mentioned to me how he has been thinking about this lately. He has noticed how most of his emails come late at night, or early in the morning, and almost always on a weekday. Now, I am sure this is based on “best practice”. It’s based on data and analysis around testing different days and times and then monitoring open rates and…

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    why every website analyst

    Why Every Website Analyst Should Be Equipped with a Javascript HTML Debugger Tool

    1001 551 Jessica Porges

    If you’re a website analyst, you’ve surely been through this scenario or something similar: A new page on your company’s website is getting ready to go live, and you’ve told your development team that you’d like to be able to track two of the links on the page and associate them with the page in your reporting tool. The developers tinker around with the code in a Dev environment for a bit and then inform you that your request has…

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    what’s the internet doing for you Artboard 1

    What’s the Internet Doing For You?

    1000 358 Shamir Duverseau

    There are a lot of people out there getting paid a whole lot of money to tell people and businesses what they should be doing online. From designing new websites to creating new mobile apps to building & managing Facebook pages, agencies and executives are busy doing the latest and greatest. Now, it doesn’t matter if you hire some a multi-million dollar agency who just worked with McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, or you simply call that number on that sign you…

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