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10 Tips for Working from Home—A Mother’s Perspective

person Shamir Duverseau

work-life balance working remote
My day starts at 4:45 am, when I get up and go to the gym. Shortly after my workout, the waterfall of demands begins. From making breakfast for the kids to reading through my emails, by 8:30 am I’ve been up for almost four hours and am practically thinking about lunch. Nearly eight years ago I decided to leave traditional corporate life behind and cofound a digital marketing agency. A virtual firm, we rely on a team of people who work remotely, the majority of whom happen to be moms. I made this shift, in part, because I wanted greater work-life balance and to be more available for my family.

Salesforce is Getting (Even More) Personal

person Alex Corzo

analytics customer intelligence data omnichannel marketing
Several of my colleagues and I recently returned from the 2018 Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago — an outstanding event focused on supporting connected customer journeys. There were dozens of sessions designed to help digital marketers better understand how to how to create personalized experiences at every touchpoint, specifically in light of constantly evolving technology and the new ways in which customers interact with devices (you can read some of our takeaways here). The conference was also an exciting opportunity to learn about many of the upcoming changes for the Salesforce 2018/19 roadmap, including a partnership with Google and the introduction of Interaction Studio.

Digital Marketing: What’s Now + What’s Next

person Alex Corzo

conference takeaways digital trends email marketing organic search
It seems like with every passing day our digital world is exponentially more exciting — and more personal. Google knows when it’s cold in my house, Apple knows when and where I go for my run and Amazon knows what I bought for my grandmother last month. Personalization is happening at our fingertips, on our wrists and by command (“Alexa, make my life easier.”) And as a digital marketer, I know that customers – both B2B and B2C – now look beyond product, rewarding businesses that can deliver a more convenient, personalized experience.

Content Edits with GTM? Just Say No.

person Ravi Chandramouli

seo tag management systems
Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit website code. We’ve touted its virtues previously on this blog, including the ease by which it can be learned and launched, and of course, the fact that it’s free. In some cases, however, the easiest path is the wrong one. The urge to make SEO changes using GTM, for example, is a trend I don’t recommend.

5 Components to an Email Apology

person Alex Corzo

copywriting email marketing Featured
Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us. You sent a marketing email too soon and left placeholder copy in the subject line—you know, the dreaded "Subject Line Goes Here." Your invitations had the wrong date on them. Your team sent a members-only promotion—to non-members. Your automation went haywire and sent seven simultaneous, identical emails to everyone on your list (yes, it's happened). The deals you sent your subscribers expired last week. Every single email was addressed to "Dear [First Name].” The horror!