Managed Services

From planning and strategy through to implementation and optimization

Omnichannel Digital Campaigns

Customers are acquired and retained by enhancing every touchpoint along their journey. In order to reach that goal, you need to implement and maintain the right tactics and tools, allowing you to drive your digital customer experience forward. How do you establish the right tactics? Then, how do you successfully set up the right tools to execute those tactics?.

Our pandas are leaders in this space and can provide your team with a holistic, multichannel approach to acquisition and retention. We can help with martech tool implementations, automated email campaigns, paid digital advertising and optimized user experiences.

See how our managed services for Related covered the entire customer journey, from omni-channel campaigns and data analytics to CX optimization and marketing technology support.

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Data Analytics & Customer Intelligence

Do you understand the paths to conversion driven by your campaign tactics? Are you using the right tools in the right way to find the patterns that point to needed refinements in your customer journeys? Are you leveraging user data to understand your customers and gain actionable insights?

We know that thoughtful analysis and strategic improvements can lead to a more successful customer engagement and a surge in customer acquisition and retention. Our analysts will help you connect the dots among data by identifying what’s working, isolating what’s not and increasing ROI by informing ongoing improvements.

Learn how we helped Viceory Hotels & Resorts properly leverage their analytics tool for more accurate, more robust, and more insightful data.

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Digital CX Optimization

When it comes to moving your customers through the funnel, an enhanced customer experience is everything. How can you leverage data-driven insights to find the weaknesses in your customer experience? Then, how can you fix those weaknesses and offer more personal experiences?

Our team uses data to hypothesize solutions to the pain points in your customer journeys. Then, we use strategic experimentation to make enhancements to your digital customer experience that drive more leads, larger purchases, and reduced churn.

See how an experimentation program for Wyndham Vacation Rentals led to improvements in key business metrics like cash flow and gross profit.

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