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Digital Experience Strategy Roadmapping

As a marketing leader, you’re expected to use the right tactics and tools to take customers on a personal, omni-channel journey, while leveraging meaningful data and actionable insights. The challenge is to do it.

Pandas are empathetic creatures, and we’re passionate about helping you accomplish your business goals and meet expectations. Your roadmap is designed to provide you with a simple and actionable blueprint of the tactics and tools you need to meet your key business objectives in a measurable way.

Many businesses use a marketing audit model that’s barely changed since the 1950s. A modern marketing audit should focus on your business goals as a whole, narrowing in on how you can improve your customer experience through enhanced marketing efforts.

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Strategic Consulting & Project Management

You have a great team of intelligent marketers, but find it a challenge to make the changes and learn the skills needed to mature your digital experience. What are the right tactics, tools, and processes you need to take into account to build a leading digital experience? And how do you oversee and coordinate the creation of those processes, execution of those tactics and setup of those tools?

Through consulting and project management, we can guide you and your team through the process of discovery and solution design. Then, we help you manage building the foundation and framework of your digital experience transformation.

Fact: 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives. How can you hasten your digital transformation process to meet the moment and ensure you meet expectations? By focusing on a digital experience strategy above all.

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Marketing Technology Strategy & Planning

Technology is only a means to an end— not the solution to every problem. So, how do you discern what the right tool is to best meet your current needs? And how can you be sure that the investment in your choice of platform will continue to provide value as you execute your digital experience strategy?

Staying true to your organization’s vision and business goals, we’ll ensure your marketing technology selections and decisions become an accelerator, empowering you to learn and grow.

It’s crucial to invest in the right tools that will help you meet your goals. Doing so will result in an effective martech stack that compliments your user experience and ultimately the success of your marketing initiatives.

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