ForeSee Support

Smart Panda Labs partners with ForeSee.

    Turn Your ForeSee Insights Into Real Life Actions

    How We Can Help You

    Smart Panda Labs can help you turn ForeSee insights into action. Our experts put ForeSee data to work, designing and implementing usability improvements for your website, mobile site, app, or other touch points. We can help you make the most of the data you are already paying for by implementing solutions that ensure customer satisfaction, testing and optimizing those solutions every step of the way. Our experts have leveraged ForeSee data to provide a range of optimizations for our clients, including:

    • Improvements to website pages and navigation
    • New product pages
    • Revised marketing campaigns and A/B tests
    • Copywriting improvements

    About ForeSee

    ForeSee is a robust survey tool that measures customer satisfaction with multichannel customer experience analytics. The goal of this technology is to provide you with actionable insights than can help you optimize your various customer touch points. ForeSee’s experienced auditors can assist you with the surveys and survey data, providing an assessment of the customer journey. ForeSee can provide you with detailed customer profiles as well as a better understanding of your users’ experiences. These findings will shed light on where the greatest opportunities exist for improvement, and how making these changes will impact your business goals.


    Are you leveraging A/B testing to continuously improve your digital marketing? Download the white paper and learn more about how testing can help.