Search Engine Marketing

How could a panda ever live without Google.

    Acquire Qualified Prospects With Search Marketing

    Smart Panda Labs specializes in helping clients acquire new leads and drive conversions through strong search rankings and targeted and effective search engine marketing, such as pay-per-click campaigns. Sometimes this means entirely revamping an existing strategy in order to deliver more qualified leads and paying customers.

    Unlike many agencies that charge their clients based on a percentage of their marketing budget, Smart Panda Labs charges a flat fee, incentivizing us to increase ROI, not ad spend. As a result, our clients see drastic improvements in qualified traffic, click through rates, conversions and cost per acquisition.

    Our team can provide you with everything you need for a successful campaign, from overall strategy and search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising, digital landing pages, emails, online forms and more.

    SEO: Win The Search Contest

    Everyone wants to see their company at the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing’s search results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of modifying a website or web page in order to influence where it ranks in organic search results.

    SEO takes time, patience, and a skill set that includes content marketing and technical skills—it’s an art and a science. At Smart Panda Labs, our SEO experts provide you with everything you need to achieve strong search results, including:

    As a first step, our SEO team will provide a complete technical audit to pinpoint any issues that might be interfering with your site’s rankings. Our team will also review the content on your site, to ensure it’s uniquely valuable, shareable, responsive and user-friendly.

    Many companies get stuck in a brand bubble, referring to their products and services with terms that are meaningful internally but less relevant to consumers—and unrelated to how those audiences search online. Our SEO experts can recommend strong keywords and phrases to use in your headlines and copy, testing various terms against each other.

    With search, you can never simply “set it and forget it.” Once the initial legwork has been done, the fine tuning begins. Our smart pandas will continue to test and make recommendations for improved content on your site.

    Paid Search: Market Directly to Your Customers

    When managed correctly, paid search campaigns have proven to be among the most efficient, cost-effective and measurable drivers of qualified traffic. Our paid search experts are eager to improve the ROI of your company’s paid search effort and deliver more qualified prospects and leads, at a lower cost per click.

    How Smart Panda Labs can help you get the most from your paid search campaign:

    If you already have a paid search campaign in place, we’ll provide a full audit of your existing strategy to see how it aligns with your overall business strategy.

    Our smart pandas will strengthen your ad copy and carefully refine search terms to ensure your budget is spent on qualified traffic, treating your money as if it were our own.

    We’ll help you turn leads into customers by examining the user experience after they click, designing customized landing pages that reinforce specific ads. Learn more about our conversion rate optimization services.

    At smart panda labs, we’re all about the data. Our team will put our assumptions to the test, pitting various ad and landing page versions against each other to see what is working best. To learn more, download our white paper, “Put Your Digital Marketing to the Test: Data-Driven Decision Making with A/B Testing.”

    The data from testing enables us to optimize your ads and dynamic landing pages in an ongoing way, ensuring results that continuously improve.


    Featured Case Study: Search Marketing

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