Tealium Support

Smart Panda Labs is a Tealium certified partner.

    Build A Real Time, Unified Customer View With Tealium

    How We Can Help You

    As a certified Tealium Partner, Smart Panda Labs provides clients with a range of services that help them make the most of this very robust and agile tool, such as digital marketing measurement, tag management, website improvements, and more. This also means we have access to premium support when needed.

    Our team can help you:

    • Move your site to the Tealium platform
    • Integrate with third-party platforms, such as Adobe Analytics, Optimizely, and ForeSee
    • Deploy advertising pixels, advanced analytics, and personalization tags
    • Clean up existing code, eliminate duplicate tags
    • Perform diagnostic analysis, drill-down segmentation and predictive modeling
    • Analyze results and provide strategic recommendations
    • Implement changes to your website to improve functionality and maximize ROI

    About Tealium

    Tealium is a powerful tag management system that can increase the return on your digital investments and unify all tagging efforts across every digital channel and device. Tealium enables marketers to truly know and understand their customers’ behaviors and actions while engaging them in real time.


    Are you leveraging A/B testing to continuously improve your digital marketing? Download the white paper and learn more about how testing can help.