Optimizely Support

Smart Panda Labs is an Optimizely Solutions Partner.

    Create AB Tests That Boost ROI With Optimizely

    How We Can Help You

    While a very simple test is easy to run, more customized tests require coding skills and a broad understanding of Optimizely’s many functionalities, from visual tagging to mobile A/B testing. Many of our clients have complex sites and specific needs that require additional expertise.

    Smart Panda Labs is an official Optimizely Solutions Partner. Our highly qualified team can help you make the most of this tool, providing any number of services, including:

    • Optimizely implementation
    • Plan, design, and customize tests
    • Personalize campaigns
    • Integration with other platforms
    • Shopping cart tests
    • Mobile application tests
    • Connect tests to company metrics
    • Build multivariate testing experiments
    • Troubleshoot analytics discrepancies
    • Analyze results and provide strategic recommendations

    About Optimizely

    Optimizely is a powerful tool for running A/B tests, targeting different content to different audience segments, and testing across websites and native applications. Optimizely enables you to integrate with other platforms, build experiments, test and roll out experiences across web and mobile apps and track conversions in real time.


    See how Viceroy Hotels + Resorts used Optimizely to drive over $1 million in incremental annual revenue by improving their website and search campaigns.