Google Analytics Support

Smart Panda Labs is a Premier Google Partner.

    Make Data-Driven Decisions with Google Analytics

    How We Can Help You

    Your analytics dashboard is critical to boosting sales and driving traffic. Whether you need targeted Google Analytics support or a comprehensive, turnkey solution, our pandas can help. We’ll provide easy access to performance data that can inform and support your online marketing decisions.

    Smart Panda Labs is certified in Google Analytics, which means we understand Google’s standards for analytics implementation support, reporting and analysis. Our support services include:

    • Implementation and configuration
    • Report set-up, including campaign reporting
    • Advanced reporting and analysis
    • Tracking updates
    • Data consolidation
    • Data analysis and strategic recommendations
    • Website improvements

    About Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a “freemium” service offered by Google and is the most widely used analytics service on the Internet. With Google Analytics, data collection and management features enable you to get a single, accurate view of the customer. Customizable reports can be segmented and filtered to reflect the needs of your business. And real-time views let you know which of your campaigns are driving the best results.


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