Adobe Target Support

Smart Panda Labs is an Adobe Solution Partner.

    Create AB Tests That Drive Revenue With Adobe Target

    How We Can Help You

    While a very simple test is easy to run, more customized tests and campaigns require coding skills and a broad understanding of the Adobe Marketing Cloud’s many functionalities. Clients often come to us for our expertise with complex sites and testing requirements.

    Smart Panda Labs is a certified Adobe Solution Partner and we want to make sure that your technology investment is helping you meet your business goals. Our highly-experienced team can help you make the most of this tool, providing any number of services, including:

    • Implementation
    • Plan, design, and customize tests
    • Personalize campaigns
    • Integration with other platforms
    • Shopping cart tests
    • Connect tests to company metrics
    • Build multivariate experiments
    • Troubleshoot analytics discrepancies
    • Analyze results and provide strategic recommendations

    About Adobe Target

    Adobe Target, formerly known as Test & Target, is an industry-leading tool for running A/B tests as well as targeting different content to different segments. You can integrate Adobe Target with other platforms, build experiments, track your conversion goals, and optimize your website or digital strategy based on the results. In essence, this tool helps you deliver the right experience to the right customer.


    Are you leveraging A/B testing to continuously improve your digital marketing? Download the white paper and learn more about how testing can help.