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    Improve Customer Loyalty With Email Database Marketing

    You may have heard the saying, your best customer is the one you already have. Database marketing, which includes email campaigns and customer relationship management (CRM), can help you retain and grow this customer base—your best source of growth. And done well, these powerful forms of communication can turn customers into loyal advocates for your brand. This courtship is of course best fueled by a combination of smart strategy and software—and our smart pandas can help you with both.

    Make the Most of Your Best Tool

    Did you know that of all the digital marketing channels, including search engine marketing and social media, email marketing remains the no. 1 driver of revenue and conversions? In fact, according to a report by McKinsey & Company, e-mail is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. At Smart Panda Labs, we help clients leverage their email marketing strategy for the best possible results.

    Learn more about email marketing in our blog post, “Make the Most of Your No.1 Marketing Channel”.

    The Panda Approach to Email Marketing

    Our digital communications team will take a holistic approach to leveraging your email marketing strategy. This approach may include:

    We’ll start by developing an understanding of your audience and your digital communications platform. Then we’ll audit recent email marketing campaigns, looking at key performance indicators such as open, bounce and click-through rates, as well as overall design and content.

    Many companies get stuck in a brand bubble, referring to their products and services with terms that are meaningful internally but less relevant to consumers—and unrelated to how those audiences search online. Our SEO experts can recommend strong keywords and phrases to use in your headlines and copy, testing various terms against each other.

    We’ll examine how well you’re leveraging automated and trigger emails, e.g. communications programmed to address cart abandonments or triggered by special events or individual purchasing behavior. We’ll make recommendations for additional opportunities to upsell (e.g. purchase pairings or suggestions based on previous behavior) and to further learn about or engage your customers (e.g. post-purchase surveys).

    No project is complete at smart panda labs without testing—because knowing is better than guessing. We’ll test variations on email assets such as subject lines and headlines, images, copy and calls to action to see what drives better ROI. To learn more about digital testing techniques, download our white paper, “Put Your Digital Marketing to the Test: Data-Driven Decision Making with A/B Testing.”

    Our data-driven approach to digital strategy means making the most of testing and technology. We can help you leverage customer intelligence, conversion results, and other data to continuously improve results from your digital communications initiatives.

    Relationship Management = Relationship Success

    A successful customer relationship management (CRM) solution is one that brings processes, technology and people together to increase customer loyalty. CRM technology enables businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them, storing customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities in one central location.

    Equally important is marketing campaign management, including content marketing, automation, and predictive intelligence. From implementation to optimizing your CRM platform to your exact business needs, our smart pandas will make sure you’re getting the most bang for your CRM bucks.


    Featured Case Study: Email Marketing

    Of all the digital marketing channels, including search and social media, email marketing remains the no. 1 driver of revenue and conversions. See how UF Health Cancer Center - Orlando Health drove an email CTR 138% above the industry average.