Conversion Rate Optimization

Smart Pandas are mad scientists when it comes to conversion rates.

    Turn Your Prospects Into Customers With Testing + Optimization

    Leading-edge companies, brands and organizations require digital strategies that can influence consumer behavior and provide a real return on their digital investment. For some businesses, this means converting site visitors into paying customers. For others it means driving lead generation, downloads or appointment requests.

    We’re here to help you meet your specific business objectives and get the best possible results from you digital strategy. That’s why our smart pandas are mad scientists when it comes to conversion rates. We’ll look at your entire consumer experience, from keyword search to the final sale, identifying areas for improvement.

    No Touchpoint Unturned

    Conversions can be influenced by many different factors, from ad and email copy to form design and shopping cart functionality. Our team will test and personalize your digital assets, making targeted improvements to:

    • Webpages, such as home, product and landing pages
    • Advertisements, such as paid search and display
    • Social media pages
    • Shopping carts and forms
    • Email communications
    • Web and native mobile apps

    As a result of these optimizations, many of our clients have seen conversion rate increases greater than 100% in only a matter of months. And because of our targeted approach, these same clients have also seen significant decreases in their costs per conversion.

    Expertise with Leading Platforms

    Our expertise in conversion rate optimization includes years of experience with related platforms, including Adobe Target (formerly Omniture Test & Target) and Optimizely. These are powerful tools for running A/B tests and targeting different content to different audience segments.

    To learn more about the power of testing and conversion rate optimization, download Smart Panda Labs’ white paper, “Put Your Digital Marketing to the Test: Data-Driven Decision Making with A/B Testing.”


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