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Viceroy Hotels and Resorts—known worldwide for its luxurious hideaways, beachfront properties and five-star service—enlisted Smart Panda Labs with an Adobe Analytics overhaul and ongoing support, including tool administration, campaign tracking, monthly reporting and ad hoc analysis. Our team then helped the hotel group leverage this powerful enterprise tool for more accurate, more robust and more insightful data.


The data you retrieve from any tool—no matter how sophisticated—is only worthwhile if it’s accurate. In the case of the Viceroy, their ability to understand their sales funnel was greatly inhibited by the use of third party cookies. New cookies were generated each time a user moved from a landing page ad to a booking engine that resided on a separate domain, making it impossible to determine where exactly bookings were originating. This had been making marketing analysis nearly impossible for the Viceroy’s team.

Smart Panda Labs coordinated with the agency that hosts the content portion of the website as well as the agency that hosts the booking engine for all Viceroy’s hotels, enabling us to view referring traffic sources from beginning to end and make recommendations on where to spend marketing dollars and how to create a more seamless booking system. With each conversion tagged, the marketing team is now able to view the entire customer journey.

In addition to the above efforts, we reorganized and standardized the page-level tracking throughout each hotel’s website, which allowed us to create a template for an automatic monthly reports to be generated for each property.

“Viceroy Hotels and Resorts engaged Smart Panda Labs to help us maximize our Adobe Analytics investment. What resulted was nothing short of a complete overhaul of our enterprise tool administration, campaign tracking and monthly reporting. Their efforts and analysis led to immediate results for us.”

– Mary Bennett, VP Digital + Commercial Partnerships


Viceroy had two more challenges we needed to overcome: thousands of campaigns that were mostly untraceable and manual reporting that was inefficient and prone to errors.

Our first task was to auto-classify campaign tracking codes—Viceroy had thousands of campaigns that were classified by product name, which made them nearly impossible to track. The second task was auto-classifying product codes. Our Adobe certified technology experts implemented a tracking code convention to classify all the campaign data that was being collected and enabled new automation features provided by Adobe Analytics that can find patterns, logically name tracking codes and generate legible reports, resulting in increased reporting visibility for each marketing channel and product type. Viceroy’s marketing team is now able to distinguish pay-per-click (PPC) and email marketing campaigns from one another, for example, and match them to the properties, rates and rooms to which they relate.

Previously created manually, the new automated reporting has significantly reduced man hours, opportunities for error and turnaround time. It also allows for more in-depth metrics to be added to the template, including metrics that can quickly signal if something is broken or doesn’t look right on one of the sites (404 error pages, checkout abandonment, page bounce rates, etc).

While reporting may not seem sexy, accurate data is and improved measurements can lead immediately rewarding results. For the hotel group, this included:

  • 130% increase in key monthly dashboard data points
  • 95% reduction in hours spent pulling dashboard metrics
  • 88% reduction in 404 Error Page views (redirects corrected using report results)
  • 24-hour turnaround on site coding issue alerts as well as sudden drops in traffic
  • Improved visibility to site booking and conversion funnels

The Results

130 %

Increase in Key Data Points


95 %

Reduction in Man Hours

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