Case Studies

LoJack Corporation


LoJack Corporation, a leading provider of automotive tracking and recovery systems, found their PPC strategy coming up short. Their PPC strategy was focused on advertising a comprehensive GPS-based advanced telematics system designed for tracking and managing fleets ranging from five to 5,000 vehicles. The fleet management product has a variety of features, from location tracking to fuel usage data, which could be isolated in various online ads. They came to Smart Panda Labs in 2014 seeking a more efficient PPC strategy around those ads that would drive more qualified leads — at a better cost.


Our smart pandas got right to work. We were eager to see how we could improve the ROI of the company’s paid search effort and deliver more qualified leads, at a lower cost per click. Our team implemented the following process over several months:

Audit: The first step in improving LoJack’s paid search effort was a full audit of its existing strategy, to see where it might have been misaligned with overall business objectives. LoJack’s existing ads were positioned to drive lots of traffic by appearing when people searched broadly for terms related to its industry. The company was more interested in driving convertible business leads than promoting overall brand awareness, however, so the wide net that had been cast was not serving them well.

Strategy: Unlike many agencies that charge their clients based on a percentage of their marketing budget, Smart Panda Labs charges a flat fee, incentivizing us to increase ROI, not ad spend. Treating our client’s money as if it were our own, we designed a more targeted PPC strategy that would focus on strong ad copy and more narrowly defined search terms.

Funnel: Next, we looked at how we could not only improve the relevancy of the ads, but the user experience after the click. We designed customized landing pages for LoJack’s product that reinforced the language used in the specific ads. We believed that the same language that convinced users to click on the ad would be the best language to encourage them to complete a form requesting more information, thereby turning them from a visitor to a lead.

Tests:  Our team tested our assumptions by running a series of A/B tests pitting various ad and landing page versions against each other, the data from which enabled us to optimize the ads and the dynamic landing pages in an ongoing way.

After the revised paid search strategy was implemented, LoJack experienced a 58.9 percent increase in conversions. The cost per click and cost per lead also improved, meaning each lead cost LoJack less to acquire than before.

The Results

59 %

Increase in Conversions

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