Our “Testing Story” Hits the Optimizely Blog

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    At Smart Panda Labs, we know a thing or two about A/B testing. We’re also an Optimizely Solutions Partner, which means we help clients utilize this impressive testing and personalization platform to optimize digital experiences for their customers. This is why we jumped at the chance to be a guest author on the Optimizely blog, which provides content focused on growing the testing and optimization skills of their readers.

    Shamir Duverseau had already been cooking up a post about the risks and rewards of testing. In “A Testing Story,” Shamir relates a challenging situation in which we had to sell a client on the merits of testing and optimization, drawing parallels to the comedy classic, A Christmas Story (I kid you not). We hope you’ll check out the post, now live on the Optimizely blog.

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    Alex Corzo

    Alex heads up the firm’s CRM + database marketing division and is responsible for business development. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he has worked across numerous industries, including the federal government, luxury/hospitality and healthcare, working with organizations like Richemont Cartier, the Walt Disney Company, the Central Intelligence Agency and Orlando Health. Across his various roles, his passion for testing and optimization has allowed him to spearhead several successful initiatives, some of which have been featured in MarketingSherpa’s case studies and presented at MecLab’s Digital Marketing Summit. Alex has proficient expertise in numerous CRM and email deliverability and service providers including, but not limited to Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud, Marketo, ReturnPath and Microsoft Dynamics. He is a Certified Email Specialist in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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