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    Oh How Quickly Things Can Change!

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    Have you ever thought about when you get emails from other companies? Me neither, but then a friend mentioned to me how he has been thinking about this lately. He has noticed how most of his emails come late at night, or early in the morning, and almost always on a weekday.

    Now, I am sure this is based on “best practice”. It’s based on data and analysis around testing different days and times and then monitoring open rates and click through rates. And all this data for the last several years tells us that people pretty much check their email at work, and usually when they arrive in the morning, or when they return from lunch. So, all things considered, it makes complete sense for a retailer to send an email at 4:00 am on Thursday morning, so that when you see they are running a clearance sale this weekend you can plan to stop by as you run your myriad of errands.

    But, oh, how quickly things can change! You see, about 6 months ago I bought my first smart-phone, the HTC Droid Incredible to be precise (admittedly, I really wanted an iPhone but I also really did NOT want AT&T so…). That being said, I am very happy with Droid, and love the 24/7 access it gives me to all things online, including my email. All this got me thinking. While I know most people don’t have smartphones, what if most of the people who do business with you do. Whether it’s based on where you are, or the ages of your customers, or your product, you know you are doing business with smart-phone people. Should that change how you use email to communicate with them? Yes, it should.

    While having someone learn about your clearance sale on Thursday morning is great, people get busy, people forget, people get distracted. Now, if you send that same email on Saturday morning, say around 10:00 am or so, all the sudden the smartphone crowd is learning about your sale just as they crawl outta bed, or start planning their day, or are heading out on those errands. I would fathom to guess that they are now a whole lot less likely to forget about you now, which means greater satisfaction for them and more money for you!  And that makes everyone happy!

    So, take a minute and think about your audience, think about their lives and how they live them, and then decide when you can insert yourself in a way that is convenient for them. People like convenient; it makes them happy. And, happiness for them almost always means good things for you! Just a thought.

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    Shamir Duverseau

    Shamir leads the firm's strategic planning and business management. He has worked across a number of industries, from travel to entertainment to technology, working with brands like Southwest Airlines, The Walt Disney Company, and NBC Universal. During his last 20 years in marketing, Shamir has held leadership roles, overseeing everything from product management to digital strategy, including user experience design, web development, testing and web analytics. Prior to Smart Panda Labs, Shamir was the Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Services for Marriott International’s Vacation Club Division.

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