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    If You’re Going to Do It, Just Do It Like This

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    Over the years, Nike has always done a solid job of marketing sports by focusing on the aspirational as opposed to the practical. One of the best examples of this is what is known as their Move commercial, which I believe is from the 2002 Olympics.

    The commercial has no dialogue or, any spoken words at all for that matter.  It easily features a dozen people, with maybe 3 or so that one would consider recognizable/famous (and one of those is on a TV in the background with an everyman in the fore). And every seen in it is real, from the neighborhood kid to running down the street to the mass of triathletes switching from swim to bike.

    No dialogue, no sport idols, no fantasies. Only three simple words… just do it. And a menagerie of images that inspires one to do just that.

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