do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth

    Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

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    MIA: In a conversation, do you listen or wait to talk?

    VINCENT: (pauses, thinking deeply) I wait to talk — but I’m trying to listen.

    Pulp Fiction (1994 – Deleted Scene)

    How well do you listen?  To others?  Your friends?  Your family? Your customers?  Your Co-workers?  The world around you?  To yourself?

    Listening is a sense to which we often times give very little focus.  However, it’s one of the big five or six depeding on your view of the world around you and love of early M. Night works.

    Sound or noise?

    What’s is the meaning, how it is spoken and what goes unsaid.

    What’s inferred versus what’s merely implied.

    If a tree falls and everybody is there to hear it…does it make the same noise to each set of ears.

    Julian Treasure presented “5 Ways to Listen Better” at this year’s TED Conference.

    Mr. Treasure’s brilliant piece examines what sounds we pay attention to, why we pay attention to them and how to become a better listener.

    Listening, truly listening is vital to effective communication, but sadly lacking in many of our day to day interactions with the world around us.

    It’s been said that to be a great writer one must read great writing.  Perhaps to be a better communicators we must work to hear the words and world around us more in a more consciously acute ways.

    So many of us do not listen.  We want our voices heard above the cacophony of life around us.  Perhaps the first step in making your voice heard is to stop waiting to talk and just….listen.

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